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Monday, August 19th, 2013

MoneyWeek2013Small logo JPGMake a Date With Your Money

Money Week 2013 is coming! After the success of last year’s Money Week, the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income is once again encouraging us all to take some time in the first week of September to have a look at how we are managing our money. Money Week is a week-long series of financial events and activities around the country, the aim of which is to motivate people to take stock of their personal money situation and to make changes if needed. Organisations throughout NZ are being challenged to get involved in Money Week by running an event or activity that engages with people and their money. Financial institutions, schools and tertiary institutions, community groups and employers can all become involved by running money-themed events.

Workplace seminars during Money Week are becoming increasingly popular. Good employers see the link between good money management and employee satisfaction. Happy employees mean higher productivity and lower staff turnover. There are a number of facilitators who are accredited by the Commission to offer Sorted Seminars covering such topics as goal setting, budgeting, managing debt, saving and investing, KiwiSaver and retirement planning. A full list of facilitators throughout the country is available on the Sorted website.

Members of the public will be able to get free financial advice during Money Week by calling the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA) to register for an appointment. More information is available on the IFA website.

Money Week is a great initiative for bringing attention to financial literacy and is deserving of support from every individual and organization in the country through either running or attending an event. A list of registered events can be found on the Money Week website. Mark your diaries now for Sunday 1 September to Saturday 7th September.

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