Checklist for Retirement

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Checklist for Retirement

One of the strange things about life is that the older you get, the faster the years seem to go by. It pays to get your affairs in order at retirement so the rest of your life will be free of problems, especially if the effects of ageing come faster than you expect. Here is a checklist of some of the things you should attend to at retirement:

  • Is your Will up to date?  This is especially important if you have had a chance in circumstances such as a new relationship or death of a partner or child.
  • Have you granted Enduring Powers of Attorney to a family member or close friend? These will enable your chosen Attorney to make decisions and sign legal documents on your behalf in the event that you become mentally incapacitated.
  • Is your money invested appropriately? Your needs may have changed from investing for growth to investing for security and income. Tidy up your portfolio by selling off any small holdings, especially small overseas investments that could be time consuming to sell for the executor of your estate.
  • Have you reviewed your life insurance? Your life insurance needs in retirement should be minimal. Old whole of life policies can be earmarked for funeral expenses or possibly converted to endowment policies so you can enjoy the proceeds while you are still alive.
  • Have you reviewed your estate planning? Alternative options for the ownership of your house and investments should be considered, such as joint ownership, tenants in common, or a family trust.
  • Are your important documents filed away in an orderly fashion where they can be easily found by family members if anything happens to you?

Attending to these matters will give you peace of mind in later years.

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