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Financial Advice

We can review your existing portfolio, provide investment advice, or answer general queries about financial matters. If requested, we can provide professional, personalised advice on all aspects of wealth creation, wealth management and wealth protection.

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Wealth Creation

Research shows that people who don’t have a clear goal in mind when they save are more likely to withdraw their savings rather than letting them accumulate. Moneymax can help identify ways of saving, investing and systemising your money management.

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Investment Management

We can recommend investments for you to look after yourself or a portfolio that we can manage for you. In recommending investments we consider your goals, your current situation and your attitudes towards money and risk.

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Latest News

  • The Three Barriers to Good Financial Management

    The Three Barriers to Good Financial Management For most people, sorting out financial matters ranks well down the priority list. Confronting one’s finances elicits emotions ranging from boredom to fear, guilt and anxiety hence it is less stressful to ignore them. A study done in 2009 by Professor…

  • Money Togetherness

    Money Togetherness Your relationship with money is often a reflection of who you are as a person and how you interact with the world. If you are by nature a cautious person, you will probably be very careful with your money. Likewise, if you are a go-getting risk taker in life, chances are you will…

  • Putting Financial Plans into Action

    Putting Financial Plans into Action There is a big difference between knowing the right thing to do and doing the right thing. Just ask anybody who is trying to lose weight or get fit. There are endless books, websites and seminars that provide all the information you need to have the body of your d…

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