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Financial Advice

We can review your existing portfolio, provide investment advice, or answer general queries about financial matters. If requested, we can provide professional, personalised advice on all aspects of wealth creation, wealth management and wealth protection.

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Wealth Creation

Research shows that people who don’t have a clear goal in mind when they save are more likely to withdraw their savings rather than letting them accumulate. Moneymax can help identify ways of saving, investing and systemising your money management.

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Investment Management

We can recommend investments for you to look after yourself or a portfolio that we can manage for you. In recommending investments we consider your goals, your current situation and your attitudes towards money and risk.

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Latest News

  • Options for Asset Ownership

    Options for Asset Ownership The assets you own are your store of wealth. These can include your home, investment properties, bank deposits, KiwiSaver, superannuation funds, investment portfolios and businesses. When you are starting out in life, it is easiest to purchase assets in your own name but…

  • Best Tips for Christmas Shopping

    Best Tips for Christmas Shopping It is so easy for spending to get out of control at Christmas time. If you want to avoid having to take most of next year to pay back your Christmas debt, here are the best tips for Christmas shopping. Start by making a Christmas budget, with a list of […]…

  • The Facts on Credit Cards

    The Facts on Credit Cards Buy now and pay later is a concept that has been around since money first came into being. Over time, various systems have been used to keep track of how much money is owed and to whom, although until the 1940’s, they were specific to individual merchants. In 1958, the [&…

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